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It was “one college, two plates”.The College of Law is a governing member unit of the Civil Law Research Association, Social Law Research Association, and Law Journal Research Association under the China Law Society. It is also a president member unit of the Law Education Research Association, Construction Law Research Association, Legal Culture Research Association, as well as the Civil and Commercial Law Research Association of the Shenyang Law Society under the Liaoning Law Society. The Legal Culture Research Center, led by Professor Huo Cunfu, a nationally renowned jurist, is a research institution located in the College of Lawand supported by the discipline of law.     With the development of more than 30 years, the College of Law had achieved fruitful and impressive results.2012.6 - the Legal Talents Education and Training Base was approved to be the Key Education Research Base by the Education Department of Liaoning Province2012.12 - the “Application Oriented, Compound Type of Legal Talents Education and Training Base” was approved to set up in the College by the Ministry of Education of China. It was the first national platform of the College of Law, and only 3 universities in Liaoning Province have been approved2013.4 - the lawmajor was approved to be the Key Supported Major of Undergraduate Education by the Education Department of Liaoning Province. Only 3 universities in Liaoning Province have been approved.2013.5 - a national level “Off-campus Education and Practice Base for College Students” was set up in the College of Law with the cooperation of the People's Procuratorate of Liaoning Province.2015 - a pilot program for “Transforming into an Application-oriented Major” was approved by Liaoning Province.2016 - the College of Law was approved as the "First Batch of Youth legal Education Practice Base in Liaoning Province".2017 - the law major was approved as innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration major by SYNU.2018 - the law major was approved as the demonstration major for “Transforming into an Application-oriented Major” by Liaoning Province.2020 - the College of law was successfully selected as one of the first batch of “National First-class Undergraduate Major Construction Sites”.2021 - the College of law was approved as the “Liaoning Provincial Education Rule of Law Research Center.” the “Collaborative Training and Innovation Base for Foreign-related  Legal Talents” was approved to set up in the College by the Ministry of Education of China. The College of Law currently has one undergraduate program in law (non teacher education major, a national first-class undergraduate program construction site and a first-class undergraduate education demonstration program in Liaoning Province), eight LLM programs, and a Master of Law degree program. The College currently has 643 full-time undergraduate students, with a total of 469 full-time master's and part-time law master's degree students. In 2018, in the first national professional degree level evaluation, the score was B -, and there were a total of 201 authorized units for legal master's degrees in China. The College ranked in the top 40 and ranked second with Dalian Maritime University in Liaoning Province. The discipline of civil and commercial law is a key discipline with advantageous characteristics and a key cultivation discipline in Liaoning Province. In 2019, Shanghai Soft Science officially released the ranking of China’s best disciplines in the lawfield, ranking in39th, the top 19% of the country, and top1 in LiaoningProvince.The College of Law has a strong and talented faculty team with a reasonable academic background structure, high educational level, and young potential. The discipline of law is led by nationally renowned scholars such as Professor Yang Song and Professor Huo Cunfu. Professor Yang Song is the President of Shenyang Normal University, a specially appointed professor of the “Yangtze River Scholars” of the Ministry of Education, a leading talent in the philosophy and social sciences of the National “Ten Thousand Talents Plan”, a cultural expert and “Four Batch” talent of the Central Propaganda Department, anNPC deputy, a member of the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education's Law Major, and a member of the Law Group of the Eighth Discipline Evaluation Group of the State Council. Professor Huo Cunfu is a famous jurist with the title of “Cross Century Outstanding Talent” granted by the Ministry of Education and a recipient of special government subsidies from the State Council. There are currently 53 full-time teachers, including 11 professors, 27 associate professors, and 15 lecturers; 2 doctoral supervisors and 40 master's supervisors; 44 doctoral students; 32 dual skilled and versatile teachers. At the same time, the College also hires over 150 experts from political and legal departments and enterprises such as provincial and municipal public security, procuratorial, legal, and administrative departments as part-time professors to guide and participate in practical lessons.The College implements the work philosophy of "Strengthening Management, Valuing Services, Cultivating Teams, and Producing High-quality Products". By strengthening scientific research management, establishing and improving scientific research systems, streamlining scientific research teams, creating high-quality scientific research products, and creating a scientific research atmosphere, the results of scientific research are fruitful. In recent years, the College teachers have been approved for nearly 90 national and provincial level scientific research projects by the National Social Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice, and other institutions. Among them, 14 have been approved by the National Social Science Foundation, including 1 key project and 3 major sub-projects, with a research fee of over 3 million yuan and more than 100 scientific research awards. Among them, they have won 1 Outstanding Achievement Award for Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions by the Ministry of Education and 13 Provincial Government Awards, published over 40 monographs and over 200 high-level papers.SYNU was approved to set up the “Collaborative Training and Innovation Base for Foreign-related Legal Talents” in the College of Law by the Ministry of Education of China.TheCollege takes “Training of Foreign-related Legislative and Law Enforcement Judicial Talents”as the overall construction direction, and collaborates with practical departments such as the Legal Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress, the Liaoning Provincial Committee’s Office of Rule of Law, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Justice, the Liaoning Provincial High People’s Court, and Beijing Jingsh (Shenyang) Law Firm to jointly build an innovative base for collaborative training of foreign-related legal talents.In recent years, the College has always been committed to cultivating foreign-related talents who serve the construction of the “the Belt and Road”, especially those who serve foreign legal affairs in Eurasian-Russian speaking countries and Northeast Asia. Our law discipline fully leverages the key advantages of “higher education exchange with foreign countries”, “high-level foreign-related legal talent team”, and “SYNU foreign-related talent training model”. With the ability to handle foreign-related affairsand the application of foreign-related legal professional knowledge as the core, we aim to create a “ideology+legal+language” foreign-related legal talent training model, build a high-quality and professional foreign-related legal work team that serves the needs of the “the Belt and Road” construction. We have achieved fruitful results in research on foreign-related legal cultureandforeign-related legal education.Library of the University and books and reference material center of the College now have more than 100,000 legal professional books, more than 60 legal journals, more than 200 law reports. In recent years, the College has established a nearly 1,000 square meter comprehensive legal teaching and training center that integrates moot courts, legal training rooms, case study rooms, legal case libraries, legal clinics, legal aid centers, and legal simulation laboratories, creating first-class conditions for legal practical teaching.There are more than 50 off-campus practice and employment bases for students to do practice internship before graduation. At the same time, the College has established the “People’s Inspiration Scholarship”, “Dacheng Talent Scholarship”, “Long’an Excellence Scholarship”, “Zhuozheng Enterprising Scholarship”, “Alumni FraternityScholarship”, and “Dean Scholarship” to assist students from disadvantaged families in completing their studies, and to recognize students who have passed the National Unified Legal Professional Qualification Examination and graduate entrance exam, as well as those who have won various awards and excellent academic performance.The College adheres to the goal of "cultivating outstanding legal talents" and formulates a series of specific measures to improve the quality of student employment. In the past five years, the employment rate of graduates has reached 97%, with a high-quality employment rate of over 65%, an undergraduate postgraduate entrance examination rate of around 40%, and a passing rate of over 30% in the National Unified Legal Professional Qualification Examination, which has been increasing year by year. Students have achieved outstanding results in various professional competitions and have won more than 30 national and 50 provincial-level awards. Thousands of graduates have grown into excellent judges, prosecutors, and well-known lawyers with a solid legal foundation, strong legal practical skills, good professional ethics, and a spirit of dedication and pragmatism, receiving high praise from various sectors of society and employers.For the 30 years, with the spirit of “Knowledgeable and Virtuousness, Truthful and Scrupulous”, the College of Law dedicates itself on educating qualified application oriented, compound type of Legal professionals. It will strive to become a law college with prominent professional characteristics, well-known in China and first-class in the Province.  沈阳师范大学1993年4月创办法学专业,1995年9月成立法律系,2006年5月更名为法学院。2010年9月,学校成立省内唯一一所律师学院,与法学院“一个机构,两块牌子”。法学院是中国法学会下设的民法学研究会、社会法学研究会、法学期刊研究会的理事单位,是辽宁省法学会下设的法学教育研究会、建筑法学研究会、法治文化研究会及沈阳市法学会民商法学研究会会长单位。以全国著名法学家霍存福教授领衔的法律文化研究中心是设在法学院并以法学学科为依托的校属研究机构。        经过30多年建设,我校法学专业取得了长足发展,2012年12月获批教育部首批“卓越法律人才教育培养基地”(辽宁省仅有3所院校获批);2013年5月获批教育部“本科教学工程”大学生校外实践教育基地(辽宁省仅有2所院校获批法学类基地);2012年“卓越法律人才教育研究与实践基地”获批省教育科学规划重点研究基地;2013年4月获批辽宁省普通高等学校本科重点专业(辽宁省仅有3所院校法学专业获批);2013年12月获批沈阳师范大学支柱性和标志性专业。2015年获批省向应用型转变试点专业;2016年获批“辽宁省首批青少年法治教育实践基地”;2017年获批学校创新创业示范专业;2018年获批辽宁省应用型转型示范专业;2020年成功入选首批国家级一流本科专业建设点;2021年获批“辽宁省教育法治研究中心”。        学院现设有1个法学本科专业(非师范类专业)(国家级一流本科专业建设点、辽宁省一流本科教育示范专业),8个法学硕士学位点,以及法律硕士专业学位点。学院现有全日制本科生646人,全日制硕士研究生和非全日制法律硕士专业学位研究生共计452人。2018年,在全国首次专业学位水平评估中成绩为B-,全国法律硕士专业学位授权单位共计201所,我校排在前40名,在辽宁省与大连海事大学并列第二。2017年,法学学科在教育部第四轮学科评估中成绩为C,在全国600余所高校设置的法学专业中排在前60名,在辽宁省紧随辽宁大学和大连海事大学,位于第三名。2010年获法学一级学科硕士授予权,2017年法学学科被评为校级一流学科;民商法学学科是辽宁省优势特色重点学科和重点培育学科。2019年上海软科正式发布中国最好学科法学学科排名,排名全国前19%,位居第39,省内第1。        法学院师资力量雄厚,拥有一支学缘结构合理、学历层次高、年轻有潜力的精英团队。法学学科由沈阳师范大学党委副书记、校长、教育部“长江学者”特聘教授、国家“万人计划”哲学社会科学领军人才、中宣部文化名家暨“四个一批”人才、第十三届全国人大代表、教育部法学专业教学指导委员会委员、国务院第八届学科评议组法学组成员杨松教授,全国著名法学家、教育部跨世纪优秀人才、国务院政府特殊津贴获得者霍存福教授等名家领衔。现有专任教师52人,其中教授10人,副教授26人,讲师16人;博士生导师2人,硕士研究生导师40人;博士44人;30名双师双能型教师。同时,学院还聘请省市公、检、法、司等政法部门和企业的150多位专家作为法学院的兼职教授,指导和参与实践性教学工作。        法学院贯彻“强管理、重服务、育队伍、出精品”的工作理念,通过强化科研管理,建立、健全科研制度、凝练科研队伍、打造科研精品、营造科研氛围,科研成果丰硕。近年来,法学院教师获批国家社科基金、教育部、司法部等国家级、省部级科研立项近90项,其中获批国家社科基金14项,包括重点项目1项,重大项目子课题3项,居省内各法学院校前列,科研经费300余万元,科研获奖100余项,其中获教育部高等学校科学研究优秀成果奖1项,省政府奖13项,出版专著40余部,发表高水平论文200余篇。        校图书馆和学院图书资料中心现有中外文法律专业藏书10万余册,法学期刊60多种。近年来,法学院建设了集模拟法庭、法务实训室、案例研讨室、法学案例库、法律诊所、法律援助中心、法务仿真实验室等为一体的近千平米的法学教学综合实训中心,为法学实践教学创造了一流的条件。同时,学院与公检法司和企事业单位等50余家单位建立了实习就业基地,方便学生专业实习和就业。同时,学院设立了“人民励志奖学金”、“大成英才奖学金”、“隆安卓越奖学金”、“卓政进取奖学金”、“校友爱心助学金”和“院长奖学金”,以资助家庭困难的学生完成学业,表彰通过法律职业资格考试和研究生入学考试的学生、获得各种奖项以及学习成绩优秀的学生。   学院坚持以培养“卓越法律人才”为目标,制定一系列具体措施,提高学生就业质量。近五年来,学院毕业生就业率达97%,其中高质量就业率在65%以上,本科生考研率在40%左右,国家统一法律职业资格考试通过率在30%以上,并逐年增加,学生参加各类专业比赛成绩突出,获得国家级奖项30余项,省级奖项50余项。数千名毕业生凭借扎实的法律基础、较强的法律实务技能、良好的职业道德和敬业务实的精神,成长为优秀的法官、检察官和知名律师,深受社会各界和用人单位的好评。        30多年来,学院秉承“博学厚德 求是笃行”的院训,以培养适应社会主义市场经济和法治建设需要的应用型、复合型卓越法律人才为目标,以本科教学为中心,以学科建设与队伍建设为重点,大力发展研究生教育,努力建成专业特色显著,国内知名、省内一流的法学教育研究与法律实务相结合的法学院。2 联系地址:辽宁省沈阳市皇姑区黄河北大街253号 邮编:110034 办公地址:沈阳师范大学田家炳教育书院502 联系电话:024-86592493(学院办公室),024-86578444(法硕办公室),024-86574953(团委) 版权所有:沈阳师范大学法学院 地址:电话:Email: 制作维护 --> 微信公众号

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